Fiercely Optimistic was developed to help individuals facilitate positive change in all aspects of their lives through life coaching, Reiki, meditation and yoga. Clients have the opportunity to expand their inner growth gaining necessary self-confidence and to identify their own meaningful Truth including a clearer recognition of their personal values and realistic goals while being nurtured with positive reinforcement. Each journey is unique and personally created to best guide every client to achieve the fullest self-realization possible. 

We are given choices & opportunities everyday. Fiercely Optimistic is designed to help people like you learn how to recognize and enthusiastically seize those opportunities and then make informed decisions to maximize these chances to further their life goals.

Are you ready to create a life to love and be Fiercely OptimisticIf so, then let Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank of Fiercely Optimistic be your guide and mentor.


Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank is a NYU certified life coach, relationship coach, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, yoga instructor and writer for MindBodyGreen and The Chopra Center who is best known for her empathetic nature, non-judgmental approach and light-hearted humor. Her journey thus far has allowed her to experience an array of hardships and struggles, which led her to find an indescribable inner happiness that she shares with all whom she meets. Alisha is a true activist advocating for both human beings and animals all the way from her childhood home in Oxford, Michigan to the prestigious United Nations in New York City. She also served as the first female President of the La Jolla Village Merchants Association in San Diego, California. Fiercely Optimistic headquarters are located in both La Jolla, CA and NYC.


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"Alisha is a ray of Divine Light.
Her presence is healing, inspirational and honest. 
Her listening and intuitive powers are beyond what you exchange monetarily with her."

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Fiercely Optimistic is located in San Diego, CA, New York, NY and worldwide.

San Diego's Best Life Coach, Reiki Therapist and Meditation Instructor - energy healing, chakra alignment, and Reiki certifications.

Cloe D.

"Alisha has been an incredible force in my life at a time when I needed some clarity and momentum. Our sessions always prompt forward thinking thoughts. I truly feel like I've begun to strip away old parts of me that no longer serve me and every week I feel like I am closer to unlocking my power and Truth. She is compassionate and also a little tough in the best way possible (note: fierce optimism)..."