Community Means Caring

The beauty of community is that it is a constant exchange of energy. One’s actions, inactions and words affect both those involved, as well as those uninvolved. When we embrace a collective community mindset we begin to find a gentleness amongst one another. And this level of compassion tends to lead to a deeper spiritual relationship with the Divine.

When we embrace a collective community mindset we

begin to find a gentleness amongst one another.

Today I witnessed a person refuse to give gratuity to a nail technician who had just given him a pedicure. I too was indulging in my weekly self-care routine when this young woman was visibly upset by her customer's refusal to give her a customary gratuity. While I do not believe that there was any clear reason for this customer's action (given I sat next to him during his spa time), I cannot make any assumptions. However, while the percentage of the gratuity is flexible depending upon whether the service is rendered good, bad or indifferent, no gratuity at all is frowned upon.

The customer's action upset the majority of the nail technicians, which negatively shifted the energy of the salon. Everyone seemed relatively content and happy prior to this situation versus after when the incoming cliental seemed to be rushed, impatient and frustrated. I honestly wanted to whip out my sage to cleanse the salon but I knew that this might be too over-the-top for some. What I did do was take a moment to console the nail technician with some spiritual wisdom (“You will not be punished for your anger…you will be punished by your anger”) and slip her cash to hopefully make-up for her day’s loss, thus honoring the collective community we are all a part of.

You will not be punished for your anger…

you will be punished by your anger.

I completely understand that we each cannot be running around fixing what may or may not be our mess but we can make the conscious choice to let those around us know that we care. This can be done by little acts of kindness such as listening and smiling. Caring is a small investment with a big return in this thing called life.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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