I See The Light

The clouds began to move towards the east as I shifted my vision towards the west. Tonight was a night I’d never forget. A night of pure connectedness to an indescribable source I honor. A source and energy that continues to surprise me after almost a decade of practice and a lifetime of observance. Tonight I experienced the Northern Lights in the most spectacular manner in a place that some just dream of being.

A night of pure connectedness to an indescribable source I honor.

A few months back I decided that a spiritual journey was in order to celebrate this life. Iceland, a country I eyed since 2005, was where I was being called to be. So, the flight was booked and the accommodations were arranged. Yet, I knew deep within my heart that I must diligently (and energetically) prepare for the journey. And I did just that. Each day I sat to honor Iceland in it’s fullest beauty - calling in my angels to guide me while simultaneously sending Reiki energy to my upcoming adventure.

Side note: Reiki is a natural Japanese technique used for spiritual healing and self-improvement. Through one’s Reiki level II training (there are three levels total) the barrier of time and distance is broken, which allows a practitioner to send energy to a specific time (past, present or future) and place.

Every single day throughout the summer I sent Reiki to Iceland so that my adventure would be as spectacular as my imagination. The funny thing about this is that my beliefs were constantly tested. A half of dozen friends happened to venture off to this magical little island country prior to my holiday and made sure to express how disappointed they were that they didn’t see the Northern Lights. But I didn’t allow their experience to affect my upcoming trip because my angels never let me give up on my faith - keeping me fiercely optimistic.

...my angels never let me give up on my faith - keeping me fiercely optimistic.

My itinerary was ridiculously full with scuba diving, Northern Light excursions, dinners, hikes, and (of course) a day at The Blue Lagoon. There was no room for me to have any hiccups along the way or at least this is was I thought.

The second night on my trip was a Northern Lights cruise out of the harbor in Reykjavik. I waited downstairs at the boutique hotel I was staying in for about an hour to find out that the cruise had been canceled due to the massive cloud formation in the sky. The Northern Lights would definitely not be seen even though you could feel their energy.

I jokingly went upstairs to my beautiful room and laughed at the postcards of the Northern Lights I had already purchased. I went to go take a hot shower when my angels spoke to me, “You must go Thursday." I, in a jet-lagged funk, argued back, “Thursday? That would be after my fourth scuba dive in 3 degree Celsius water at Silfra. I am going to be exhausted!” They replied, “The blessing you have asked for will be given to you Thursday.” In a huff (and possibly with a small roll of the eye), I emailed the tour company to let them know I would be attending the Thursday cruise.

As Thursday evening slowly approached, I felt a sense of calmness. This may have been due to the energy absorbed from the bitter cold waters I chose to jump into as an advanced dry-suit scuba diver. Or maybe this was because the Divine was holding me and truly taking care of me. Either way, I boarded the boat - putting the thick jumpsuit on to help keep my body warm. I bought a hot chocolate and made my way to the upper deck just as the we sailed out onto the water. As I began to tilt my head towards the sky I could not believe the swirls of green, purple and pink above my head. The Northern Lights were completely present and seemed to be within arm’s reach. I lifted up my hand to touch the sky above me. Just as I moved my arm I noticed the swirling movement of the energy in the North…then the South. The entire sky was dancing in the most brilliant colors I had ever seen and I truly felt like I was the center of the Universe. I placed my hands in prayer position, lifted my hands to my third eye and bowed my head. I prayed. I prayed with a grateful heart and tears in my eyes. I wiped away my big round tears to look back into the sky only to see the biggest, slowest shooting star I had ever seen - an acknowledgment from the Divine. Of course, because I am a spiritual being having a human experienced, I yelled out, “mother-fucker,” in the most comical and loving way. So, there I stood under the most magical sky experiencing the true love of the Divine because I trusted. I trusted the practice of Reiki that I keep and the angels that continuously guide me.

I trusted the practice of Reiki that I keep

and the angels that continuously guide me.

We create the world around us. Remember this as you gently move through this beautiful life.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

P.S. For in-depth photographs of my Icelandic adventure please go to my Instagram account (@fiercelyoptimistic ).

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