Ask and You Shall Receive

I asked. I received. And then I decided that this is not what I actually want and/or need anymore.

Manifestation - a word that gets a lot of attention because we live in a materialistic culture that is constantly clamoring to have more. However, manifesting can be so much more than wanting a new car or a lavish house that sits by the water. Manifesting can even lead to a greater understanding of what is currently in front of one’s face, as well as what is best for the highest Self.

Manifesting can even lead to a greater understanding...

I held a lecture at Lorna Jane in La Jolla, California a couple of weekends ago called, “Manifesting the Unknown.” I went through the basics of how to call in your deepest desires. Before sharing how to make these calls to the Divine, I asked everyone to mentally assess their needs and/or wants. This is where one’s Truth tends to appear. And here is my Truth:

For those of you that read my post back in January asking for my “ideal partner” to be called in, well, he appeared just shortly after I posted the blog entry. Actually, let’s be real, I manifested him because I whole-heartedly believed (at the time) that this was the missing piece to my already extraordinary life. Every single item on my list was satisfied by this individual and I thought that this was the greatest blessing of all time. Side note: The Divine listens even when we are asking for things that may not be best for our highest Self because we are powerful beings and maintain the ability of free will in this life. Therefore, we have the ability to make conscious choices for the better, the worse or the indifferent. So, I called this man in to actually realize that I was completely wrong to even so strongly want a partner for this life. It turned out that this was a trick of the ego attempting to take me off my path of service. Ever since I was a little girl I knew that I am on this Earth to serve others and for me to do this in a partnership with another might be taking away from what it is that I can truly give each and everyday. While I have definitely carved my own unique path in this life, I (at times) fall weak to the expectations of the society I live in and to the love that I have but don’t always know where to give. I come to believe (and even know) that I can have it all. However, I now see that I don’t want it all because I have enough.

Most of us think that once we lose that extra five pounds or buy that new car that we are then going to be our happiest Self - a satisfied Self. The thing is, we don’t ever take the time to truly understand what else comes along with the changes that are requested. So, before I give you a little bit more information on how to manifest, I ask that you honestly ask yourself what are you actually looking for. What is the true intention of your desire?

The Divine listens even when we are asking for things

that may not be best for our highest Self

because we are powerful beings and

maintain the ability of free will in this life.

Once you are truly aware of your intention, you may feel the need to alter your manifestation. Do not be afraid to be wrong. We are all students as well as masters in this life. Make the changes that are necessary and aligned with your highest Self so that you are serving your Soul. To take this a step further, I ask that you define your intention as masculine or as feminine. Masculine intentions often derive from the mind and are logical. Feminine intentions tend to come from the heart and are more emotional. I, as a firm believer that a more feminine driven society is better for the community as a whole, feel that by allowing one to make decisions of the heart will allow for more peace within a sacred place. With this, manifestations seem to come a lot more easily when the feminine rises along with the intention. This belief is, of course, a product of my own experiences. By defining whether or not one’s intention is masculine or feminine may allow for a greater understanding of what exactly will be satisfied upon the manifestation.

The next step towards calling in one’s desire is to visualize yourself happy with the new object, person, appearance, etc. See, feel, even taste the utter happiness that dances around you as you fully experience and embrace the joy of whatever it is you are calling in. This visualization should remain the same and be practiced daily until you have manifested this new edition to your life. Also, manifestation is much more powerful in the Yoga Nidra state-of-consciousness. This happens just before sleep and so remember this helpful tip when you are ready to manifest!

We are all students as well as masters in this life.

By visualizing yourself happy automatically dismisses any negative thought patterns that may come with the want or desire at hand. If you are continuously experiencing negative thoughts when attempting manifestation, then this is your opportunity to take a step back and (again) understand why you are blocking yourself from manifesting your greatest desires. It can be of great use to get another party involved such as a life coach or mentor that can guide you towards your Truth.

With a grateful heart you truly have the ability to manifest anything that you desire. Trust your inner guides, listen to your heart and take a step forward into the unknown.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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