Leave Your New Year Resolutions in 2015

It’s that time of year again when we begin to observe the good and the bad in our lives in order to improve ourselves for the future. We make new year resolutions desperately seeking change and happiness. While I am all about each of us becoming the best version of ourselves, I also believe that people tend to overextend themselves with unobtainable goals. This sets them up for later disappointment. Instead, let’s figure out how you can begin the new year with a smile on your face and excitement in your heart.

Let’s begin to focus on the fun!

When trying to make substantial changes in our lives we tend to focus on the negative areas that need improvement rather than the positive areas that aren’t being fully incorporated into our daily activities. There are so many things we love to do such as watching the sunset, singing out loud to our favorite songs, and jumping on a trampoline, etc. Yet we don't take time out of our busy schedules to incorporate these activities as often as we should. Basically, we don’t focus our attention towards the small things that truly bring happiness into our hearts. Let’s begin to focus on the fun! What are a few things that instantly make you smile that you can begin to include into your daily life today? Keep this list short and simple. Happiness becomes more apparent with every smile. So stop holding back and let yourself have some fun.

And that’s that! There is absolutely no reason to start anywhere but here. Allowing yourself to be more conscious of fun is a brilliant way to start the year without setting yourself up for disappointments. Give yourself a fucking break! You have accomplished so much throughout 2015 and you deserve to begin the new year without a long list of goals that you feel you need to obtain. For once in your life see all that is well in your world and have a little fun!

Happy New Year, beautiful!

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

Photographs by Alexander Neumann

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