A Mission of Love

There are these magical moments in life when it is as if a light is turned on in a dark room. At these times you begin to see the bigger picture of your life and start to understand your purpose, your divine purpose. What is truly important is for you to share the knowledge you hold within, to express the love you have in your heart and give it to those that need your understanding more than anything else. When you are open to another's pain you are able to find compassion in your heart and begin to comprehend their life journey. This, my friend, puts you on a mission of love that simultaneously triggers inner growth - a growth that can put life lessons into perspective for you to understand.

Everything begins with love.

In order to become a more compassionate person it is imperative to be aware that every person is a unique individual and that their actions, needs, etc. are specifically theirs alone. They may not even yet fully understand their pain and may be unconsciously projecting that pain onto others. However, this is not for you to worry about. We must learn to accept where other's lack growth.

Find a place in your heart to empathize with the hearts of people and see that by being kind you have the opportunity to plant a seed of love that can grow within each of their Souls. This seed will allow them to love and forgive their inner selves. Remember, everything begins with love. And every day is an opportunity to love.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

Photographs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

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