Finding Compassion For Those That We Don't Understand

Many years ago I met a person that I immediately decided I didn't like. The reason I didn’t particularly like this individual is because of the line of work he was involved in. I thought that his lack of awareness and compassion for other beings and the Earth made him undesirable to know. I was young then and still in a clear state of judgment of others. At that time, I didn’t have the strength to look into my own faults and short-comings so I sought out other people’s failures. It was easier to look outside rather than inside the Self.

Years later when I was reintroduced to this same person (still in the same line of work) all I could see was his sparkling and loving Soul. My heart broke as he described all of his encounters that he and I shared over the years. My fixation with his line of work and job title originally kept me from understanding that he is merely a Soul working with what he believes to be acceptable in this life. My initial judgement had done nothing more than imprison this individual into a contrived role that identified the external rather than the internal.

We often are so quick to judge another’s behavior

if it does not align with our own beliefs and values.

We often are so quick to judge another’s behavior if it does not align with our own beliefs and values. Our ego convinces us that our path is the correct one and everyone else should follow suit. The thing is, this is simply not true. How can one judge another’s misfortunes, struggles or accomplishments? Every path is personal and sacred and must be treated as such. We must learn to find a place for compassion, especially for those that we don’t necessarily understand.

While my heart was intentionally heavy with the reality of my own judgmental behavior of the past, I am fortunate enough to understand that the compassion I lacked then has since flourished into an indescribable love for all. Compassion is the path towards Enlightenment. And while I beg each of you to find compassion for others, I personally know that this compassion I speak of must begin with the Self.

Compassion is the path towards Enlightenment.

Every person we encounter is a reflection of the Self. It is easier to focus our awareness on others than to take responsibility for our own challenges in this life. However, when one does take the time and energy to see where he or she may need a bit of reflection, acknowledgment and understanding, this is where the magic truly goes down. Every thought that we take the time to see where it stems from allows for true inner growth to take place. Every thought can be reversed from negative to positive with just a bit of effort. This is the first step. The second step is to discover how these negative thought patterns are triggered. It’s almost like solving a mystery that leads to a life of peace and happiness. We each must take the time and energy to allow the Self to heal old wounds.

Believe in the goodness of the world and that those around you are trying their best with the wisdom they hold…including yourself. See past the faults of the stars and come home to the dreamy ways of the Soul. We are all in this together, forever.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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