My Sacred Journey: Part I

I was absolutely exhausted by the time I reached the sacred grounds where my spiritual ceremony with ayahuasca was to take place. I left my home in San Diego, California at 5 A.M, on Thursday morning and didn't reach Columbia Falls, Montana until almost 9 P.M. that evening. The trek included two flights with a layover (and a weather delay), as well as a two and a half hour car ride. I was so sleep deprived throughout my day of travel that I felt as if I were floating in a dreamlike state to meet the Columbian shamans that summoned me.

I felt as if I were floating

in a dreamlike state

to meet the Columbian shamans

that summoned me.

When I arrived I was greeted by a lovely young man who quickly escorted me to meet the shamans before showing me where he had set-up my tent for me to rest. I was gracious for the hospitality as we walked clear across the property away from the cabins and people. My tent was set-up next to a beautiful teepee where another man was currently living. The man living in the teepee explained to me that it gets very cold at night and that I was more than welcome to stay in the teepee with him where he had a wood burning stove. I felt that I needed to honor my feminine energy by staying alone in the tent and so I kindly declined. Well, he was right. It did get cold. Very cold. But I was tired enough to sleep through it.

The next morning I was woken by the peculiar feeling of a gigantic paw on top of my left foot. I opened my eyes and saw that there was indeed a paw on my foot piercing through the thin material of the tent. I quickly pulled my foot back to watch this large animal dig it's paws into and press her nose against the tent. "Oh my God," I thought to myself, "It's a bear.”

"Oh my God," I thought to myself, "It's a bear.”

The bear began to slowly circle around the tent - slightly grunting and taking in long deep breaths against the tent's material. I was completely frozen in the center of the tent. My eyes were so swollen from my lack of sleep and my neighboring camp mate was already gone to work (he told me prior that he leaves before dawn). I had never been in this kind of situation before and had no idea what to do. So I did what I always do when I come face-to-face with fear...I prayed. I prayed to be protected. I prayed to send love. And then I began to visualize a bubble of white light around my tent and sent Reiki energy to the bear. The bear, the beautiful majestic bear, walked away into the woods after a few minutes. I sat there, in tears, thanking Mother Nature and all those around me for protecting me. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Om.

Yet again, another incredible moment in my life where I survived because of my faith. My faith that God is my protector and is watching over me. My understanding that I am truly blessed and that I am on the right path.

Yet again, another incredible moment in my life

where I survived because of my faith.

My love and respect for all beings went full circle in that moment and maybe the story would have been different if I had consumed meat, poultry or fish the night before. We have to begin to see that our actions, even the smallest of them, have reactions. We must learn to have respect for our fellow brothers and sisters in their many forms such as trees, mountains or bears. It is when one discovers compassion for all that life begins to truly make sense.

And now to the ayahuasca ceremony...

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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