The Seven Chakras

I soar above eagles

Focusing on the ground without sound

Where I wear my crown...chakra.

It is here I release the Ego for the Truth.

To deduce one's reality

Seeing through the mighty Eye, Third.

The voice of the Divine speaks purely.

My throat opens up.

The words are not mine,

They are Her's,

Poetic and sincere.

And very clear.

I feel my heart sharing the rhythm of my life.

It is here I understand that I am one with all.

To my knees I fall.

Bowing my head

Asking for forgiveness.

Let my Manipura align with the rest

Opening, just like my chest,

Bearing vulnerability and weakness

Releasing the wretched pain of my past

To the Earth it goes

Allowing the energy to flow.

Watching the orange lights flicker

Shaking my core

Opening yet another door.

Grounded may I be,

Let me root and finally see

Truth - like the rest -

Secure, protected, death.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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