You Must Learn To Love Yourself

Every single day is an opportunity to practice self-love by using daily affirmations. A daily affirmation allows an individual to consciously engage in emotional encouragement with the self, thus creating and developing a core foundation that gives structure to the most substantial relationship in one’s life: the Self.

Affirmations allow one to begin to honor the Soul by speaking kindly to the Self. As a community we are not taught to speak to ourselves with love. Rather, we are encouraged to tear ourselves apart by competing with our fellow brothers and sisters. What would happen if we dismissed this way of thinking and opted into a more positive state of mind? Well, from my own personal experience I can bet that you’d start to understand what happiness actually feels like and want more of it.

Affirmations allow one to begin to honor the soul

by speaking kindly to the Self.

I am a huge advocate for self-love because I lived most of my life hating myself. I couldn’t look into a mirror without finding something to criticize, let alone allowing myself to complete any task without being super hard on myself. It did not matter what I was able to accomplish because at the end of the day I felt that it wasn’t good enough, and that I would never be good enough. This way of thinking led me to various destructive behaviors that turned into a routine of vicious cycles until I discovered the main problem: my lack of self-love. At the time I realized that I had been hating myself for years I did not understand where to begin in order to develop a relationship with the Self. This is when I developed a magical routine (yes, it truly is fucking magical) that allowed me to love myself. And my Fiercely Optimistic Self-Love Technique is simple:

Set a timer for five minutes and sit in front of a mirror. Look into your eyes in the mirror. Breathe in deeply and then allow yourself to focus on your eyes as you exhale. Next, slowly begin to say, “I love you,” out loud while looking into your eyes. Repeat, “I love you” over and over again until the timer goes out. Allow this to be your daily practice everyday for 21 days.

This may not seem like a process that will shift anything, but I can assure you, my friend, that it can move mountains. But it is important to know that, in the beginning, most people cannot practice this technique without experiencing a deep sadness due to the amount of neglect the Self has suffered through. The sadness may be evident by the possibility of uncontrollable tears. Tears, however, allow one to release pain and this cleanses the Soul. The start of this practice may begin with a certain sadness but that after much dedication the results will be evident through the ability to truly love the Self.

You are the most important love of your life.

You are the most important love of your life. Now is the time to use an affirmation of love in order to acknowledge the Self and release whatever it is that no longer serves the Soul. I believe in you and your ability to love yourself.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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