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September 23, 2018

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Love Is Always In The Air

February 8, 2016


The most beautiful realization one can come to is the fact that we are all connected on a level that many of us do not understand yet experience everyday. Let me tell you about a magical moment I experienced about community, love and wanting the best for a complete stranger.


I went back to Detroit to visit my family over the weekend. On the way from the airport to my family’s home, I swung by a little vintage style restaurant. I ordered a veggie burger and french fries, my normal go-to when traveling. As I sat there waiting for my food to be served, I began to observe the staff hustling behind the counter. The staff members at this particular location are very young (I’d say around an average of sixteen). They all seem to have a certain glow of innocence that I admire and love about youth. It’s almost as if they understand the world by how they feel instead of what they’ve been told. 



The most beautiful realization one can come to

is the fact that we are all connected 

on a level that many of us

do not understand yet experience everyday.



I noticed a young man behind the counter to whom I felt immediately drawn. He, like a lot of teenagers, was lacking self-confidence. This was evident by the way he held himself (his shoulders slightly slouched forward and his inability to make eye contact); and also by his actions (constantly looking down and fiddling with his hands). This young man is no different then most of us were at the age of sixteen. There was no real reason for him to be lacking confidence, and I wanted desperately to tell him this. I wanted to shake him and tell him that he is amazing and special and every single thing that he feels about himself that is inadequate or odd is what is going to make him extraordinary in the future. But, I didn’t do this. I didn’t want this young man to become more self-conscious through my words. So instead, I began to send this young man an abundance of love. I opened my heart and began transmitting loving Reiki energy through a deep connection with the Universe. I also said a prayer and asked God to bless this beautiful soul with a burst of confidence. Well, right before me eyes my prayer was answered. One of the young women that was bussing tables skipped over to the young man with a giggle and a napkin. The napkin contained a message from a customer that this young man had served earlier. I’m not sure exactly what the napkin read but instinctively I knew it was along the lines of “I think you’re pretty sweet” and “here is my phone number.” This young man’s reaction brought tears to my eyes. His posture became more prominent, his smile was ear-to-ear and he felt acknowledged not only by this new young love but by his co-workers as well. In that very moment he experienced a form of love. I thought to myself, “God is good.”



I opened my heart and began transmitting 

loving Reiki energy

through a deep connection with the Universe.



This could have been a very different story if I did not believe that all actions should be out of love. I could have easily sat there with a smirk on my face, annoyed that my food was taking forever and jealous of the youth before my eyes. But I chose to expand my loving heart and connection to God through a Soul that I believed in, a soul that needed to feel love in that very moment. 



We are all a part of a community and it is up to each of us to spread love through an empathetic heart and understanding mind. Make the conscious choice to see the goodness in one another and to be a supportive friend even to a stranger.


Always grateful,

              Alisha xoxo

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