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Are You Experiencing Bought Happiness?

December 27, 2015


My Christmas list was just like anyone else's this year: clothes, toys, books, etc. I didn’t put too much effort into making the list because it wasn’t one of my biggest concerns as I finish up the year. However, I did notice that I had put a lot of energy into the Universe about certain things that I wanted but, on some level, I was too embarrassed to ask for. In other words, I didn’t want to be greedy by asking for expensive items that I could definitely live without. Even though I did not ask my loved ones for these items (which I shall not name), they were literally delivered to my door Christmas morning anyway. Instead of this bringing on an overwhelming sense of happiness it actually triggered sadness. I felt as if I had wasted my apparent ability to manifest on meaningless possessions that will entertain me for a short time but will not be able to give back to the community that I hold so dearly to my heart.



It is up to each of us to be happy...



I wish the pain had stopped there but it continued to grow as I hopped onto social media to find various photographs of what looked like hundreds of presents under each and every Christmas tree. My heart sank into the bottom of my stomach because I saw all of these temporarily smiling faces that are wallowing in a moment of bought happiness. This faux happiness can be exhilarating and, I will tell you, it feels as if it is real but I can promise you that it isn’t. When one is taught that this is happiness then he or she will live a life chasing these material objects that may or may not trigger a real feeling of “happiness” or contentment. 


So, what is happiness? Well, happiness can be many things for many people but I believe that it can best be described as a deep connection to your Truth - to your Self. 



When you are able to express pure and utter happiness

you are actually teaching others by example.



Happiness is...


• Having the ability to be able to look at another that you barely know and truly love them...

• Feeling amazing when you are with yourself…

• Laughing until you cry...

• Feeling your heart beat next to another’s…

• Sitting in stillness for meditation…

• Having friends that understand your humor...

• Playing outside and letting your inner child run free…

• Feeling healthy with ample amounts of energy…

• Loving someone inside and out…


And much, much more!


When you are able to express pure and utter happiness you are actually teaching others by example. It is up to each of us to be happy, especially for others that look so keenly for our leadership.


Always grateful,

              Alisha xoxo

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