Survival of the Fittest: Christmas Edition

Holidays can be a super fun time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate. But the reality is that there is usually a pretty good reason why this particular bunch only gets together once or twice a year. The stress of the holidays, various clashing personalities and alcohol is usually enough to offend and hurt a number of people. To top it off, the last full moon of 2015 falls on Christmas day adding an additional plot twist.

If you are determined to make the most of this holiday, then I highly recommend taking into consideration the following suggestions.

No Alcohol

I know, I know. How can you possibly celebrate (and tolerate your family) without alcohol? Celebrations go hand-and-hand with the idea of consuming alcoholic beverages. Why is it that in order for a group to socialize one must consume booze? Here’s why: unhappiness. In general most people aren’t “happy” people. Thus they have to escape their own reality by altering their state-of-mind. Think about it. Would you hang out with certain people if there weren’t alcoholic beverages involved? Be honest.

Alcohol drops all inhibition and regard for the self and others.

Alcohol drops all inhibition and regard for the Self and others. More often than not there is unsettled anger and sadness within the dynamics of a family. The alcohol acts as an agent to release bottled up issues. Don’t get me wrong! I am all about releasing inner pain but there are healthy ways to do so without alcohol. Releasing your frustrations at a yearly family function is not going to make you feel better. Actually, it will most likely make you feel worse (and ain’t nobody got time for that).

I challenge you to be completely sober for your holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity to be present while being open to both your family and your own reality. By being present one begins to acknowledge his or her Truth, which generates change. And change, my dear, is empowering.

I challenge you to be completely sober for your holidays.

Be Mindful of the Full Moon’s Energy

The energy of a full moon can be quite overwhelming for most. It can also be super enchanting if you have completed the work you were supposed to do in between the cycles. But let’s be real - shit usually hits the fan around a full moon. With this in mind, I find that it is important for individuals to take a step back and observe rather than actively interact during this time. In other words, do not make any rash decisions. Give yourself ample time to sit with the questions at large and allow yourself to filter through your options.

Another way to be mindful during a full moon is to be present with your breath. Pretty simple, eh? Allow yourself to feel your breath entering and exiting your body, which is your temple. Feel the expansion and contraction of your stomach. The breathing allows you to be present and mindful to the world around you. It can keep your emotions in check and bring clarity giving you the ability to see the bigger picture. Engage your breath and see how everything slowly begins to shift.

But let’s be real - shit usually hits the fan around a full moon.

The holidays are here and it is up to you to be conscious of all that is surrounding you. Don’t be afraid to switch up your traditions by refraining from drinking alcohol and being more aware of the energy that is encompassing you. You are on this planet to spread joy and love. And the holiday season is a great place to start.

Always grateful,

Alisha xoxo

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