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Turn Yourself Inside Out

August 13, 2018


The constant bombardment of images in our society seems to be molding unique and beautiful individuals into cookie-cutter clones. These images cause a destruction of the Self, which is deeper than the exterior, thereby quieting one’s inner voice to a mere whisper.  There appears to be an underlining fear of being different, which creates boundaries and limits within one’s Soul. Fear can be detrimental to our higher calling since it prevents us from going after our dreams. And right now in this very moment there is absolutely nothing more important than honoring your aspirations by speaking your Truth even if it means going against the grain. 



The constant bombardment of images 

in our society seems to be molding 

unique and beautiful individuals 

into cookie-cutter clones.



Within the dynamics of my family and friends I am known as the “weird” one. It’s a title I am proud to have. The reason I am proud to be put into this category is because when I was growing up I tried so desperately to blend in amongst my peers even though it didn’t serve my Soul. Now I show up to a potluck with a yard full of bubblegum like it ain’t no thang (a true story that just so happened to take place recently). I embrace the fact that social norms don’t always fit my personality; and, at the end of the day, if I’m not hurting anyone (including myself), then there shouldn’t be any issues.


Let’s begin to honor our authentic Self by breaking away from social conditioning. WARNING: Reversing social conditioning is a challenge but I promise you it is definitely worth the time and energy. We often don’t even realize that the decisions we are constantly making are because of what we were taught instead of what suits us. This is where we have to begin to observe our thoughts and feelings while being completely attune to our intuition. So ask yourself why the next time you make a decision and be freakin' honest. Don’t be afraid to be different but rather see what it feels like to be unapologetically odd. It’s exhilarating! 


We have to begin to observe 

our thoughts and feelings 

while being completely attune 

to our intuition. 


When you are being true to the self you are actually clearing away the clutter of society by strengthening what it is that you instinctively know. This allows the constant questioning of the mind to slowly disappear and for clarity to appear. Exercising our creativity in deciding from what we wear, how we speak, what we read, etc. begins to mold and formulate confidence that is evident in our behavior. And confidence, my dear, is one of the first steps in the direction of making your dreams come true.


Let’s begin to honor the Self by questioning our actions and listening to our inner voice honestly. You have the ability to create a beautiful life and when you begin to respect each and every part of your being all of your imperfections start to magically melt away.


Always grateful,

              Alisha xoxo

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