December 24, 2019

His infinite spirit moves about and surrounds my Soul.

His existence - unknown

Yet his love is real.

Every cell in my body recognizes him well

Whether he is near,

Or far away in the Milky Way.

He often speaks to me in my dreams,

And stands beside me as I gaze upon the moonlit...

August 24, 2019

Your Ego was apparent since day one.

It’s a blatant disgrace you use as a gun. 

There's no way that anyone possessing an inflated Ego

Can create something truly meant to help others heal.

You abuse your power pretending it is LIGHT.

But all I see is darkness,...

June 6, 2017

I sit here and see

That you are part of me

Though I've tried

To let you go.

I crash and burn, 

Twist and turn

And I see your face

Wishing for your embrace.

Tangled in the stars

Wearing all of my scars

Like a tattoo in the night.

Frightened and free,

I will never again be...

May 22, 2017

The tears falling in the city,

Reflect the sadness in my Soul. 


Not for a moment,

Did I ever think I'd have to let you go. 

Walking away

You asked me to stay

At least for the night.

But I had lost sight 

Of the woman I must be. 

I said no


May 10, 2017

I carried around your Spirit

Not knowing what to do,

Not knowing how to see through

Your eyes.

My eyes

No longer disguised 



Deep, deep dark blue.



I no longer see you

When I look into my eyes 

After I cry.

I am here

With me

In the happiest state I have ever be...

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