A recent conversation with two affluent individuals in my home community took an interesting turn when I explained my concern for another’s erratic behavior. My heart began to race and, before I could fully wrap my head around why another’s behavior brought up so many uncomfortable feelings within myself, I calmly stated, “I was raped.” I had only shared this secret (which unfortunately has happened twice in my adult life) with an intimate group of individuals. But in this moment I felt compelled to speak my Truth. I left the conversation to be alone with my emotions, which I had previously internally compartmentalized, to see how I could further explore this deep seeded pain. It was no surp

Cord Cutting Ceremony

I woke up in a complete panic in the middle of the night a few days ago to see a cord physically coming out of my stomach connecting to another beyond my view. My heart was racing and huge beads of sweat were exiting my body (specifically on my stomach region). This spiritual vision of the cord only lasted a minute but the physical reaction of my body continued for an hour. This was a sign that a Cord Cutting Ceremony was in order. An active cord maintains a connection from one Soul to another on a spiritual level thereby giving and receiving energy that no longer is ours to take or give. Throughout our lives we connect energetic cords to those with whom we keep relationships: friends, famil

Unwrapping the Real Self

I’m stripping away false layers of identity to free my real self. We each, to some degree, take past experiences or current like-to-dos and use them to help identify ourselves. I call this false identification (not to be confused with the fake ID I was rocking in the 90’s - and see what I did there?). The issue with using these false identifications is that we allow these often superficial actions and past experiences to define us from one circumstance to another instead of experiencing each moment we live totally unadorned by needless rituals or events of the past. I’m stripping away false layers of identity to free my real self. It can be an eye-awakening event for each of us to see where

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