Breaking A Vicious Cycle

I found myself venting to my best friend on the phone about my awakening to the emotional abuse that I had endured during a recent relationship, only to question why it is that I felt so unworthy of love (once again)? Do I truly believe that I deserve this type of treatment? Also, how didn’t I recognize it sooner - allowing it to go on for months? To start, let me explain my point-of-view of the difference between emotional and physical abuse. Physical abuse is evident because you have the marks on your body and feel the pain from the physical contact. While it may be difficult to walk away from (and I personally know this), you are at least aware of it while it is happening. Emotional abuse

Choosing An Ideal Partner

This life is nothing short of beautiful and exciting as we experience new relationships, adventures and an array of lessons that are karmically served. With each step forward we must be conscious of our ego as we observe the outcome from the choices we make. My recent heartbreak has allowed me to be gifted with ways to continue to spiritually expand and grow. Also, it has brought about a certain sense of understanding of the Self that has made me see that I am worthy of unconditional love - a love that I have been blessed to experience with the Divine. I am worthy of unconditional love. I took it upon myself to create a list of what it is that I need in a partner. Each characteristic was thr

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