My Love Letter To...

I recently declared my love for a man in a romantic and heartfelt gesture - a poetic letter composed of everything that I know and feel. This letter was, “raw and real,” accordingly to the handful of close girl friends with whom I shared each word out loud. I put myself in the most vulnerable state that I have ever experienced all in the name of love. I exposed a piece of me few have had the privilege to see. I read this letter a thousand times before I sent it off to the man that had shifted my world. Most would assume (including myself) that this letter would be well received. However, it simply was not. Not only did I get rejected (I guess there’s a first time for everything), but he also

To Act or Not: That Is The Question

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to an emergency: the one that stands by and discusses what's the best plan of action to take; and the other that reacts without concern for the Self. I cannot say which is the correct response, but I can say that I am the reaction type. I recently watched a man in the ocean struggling to keep his head above the water. I used to know this man. I knew that he knew how to swim yet, in this dire moment I saw that he wasn’t okay. Something within him must have shifted and changed him and he needed help because apparently he could no longer swim. Something within him must have shifted and changed him and he needed help... I looked around at

The Lessons My Soulmate Taught Me: Part II

I recognized who he is the first moment I looked into his eyes. There is no question in my mind that he is my soulmate in this life. The deep connection I experienced made me feel as if this relationship was going to be a walk in the park. But that is far from the Truth. Rather, he took my hand and led me into the fire of the ugliness that I still have within the Self. I tried to control it, acting as if it didn’t exist because I’ve done my work (so I thought). I even tried to focus on his ugliness through the metaphysical meanings behind his disabilities, but this just delayed my eruption that exposed parts of me that I haven’t seen in over a decade; or, rather parts of me that were easily

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