Unheard But Not Alone

Sit with me I asked. Lie with me he responded. Love me I heard. Help me he said. To communicate. To understand. To see beyond the words And look into another's Soul Does not rid him of ego. Selfish. Misspoken. Judgment. It will never be enough. You can give him the world, And it will never be enough. She slips away, With a heavy heart. Unheard. Untouched. Walking towards the light. But she is not alone, For she is with the Self. Always grateful, Alisha xoxo

She Speaks

Listen when She speaks, For She speaks only for you. Understand that Her intention, An Intention that She knows, Is to protect your gentle heart And to guide your awakening Soul. This guidance has been assigned From the heavens far above. Listen when She speaks For Her Light is like the golden sun. Her whisper tickles your body. Her breath encompasses your Soul. Her touch transforms your energy. Her embrace let's you know you are home. Every moment in Her presence Allows time to simply disappear. Listen when She speaks For She speaks to your Soul. Always grateful, Alisha xoxo

Finding Compassion For Those That We Don't Understand

Many years ago I met a person that I immediately decided I didn't like. The reason I didn’t particularly like this individual is because of the line of work he was involved in. I thought that his lack of awareness and compassion for other beings and the Earth made him undesirable to know. I was young then and still in a clear state of judgment of others. At that time, I didn’t have the strength to look into my own faults and short-comings so I sought out other people’s failures. It was easier to look outside rather than inside the Self. Years later when I was reintroduced to this same person (still in the same line of work) all I could see was his sparkling and loving Soul. My heart broke as

Water Runs So Deep

Drawn to the water That my Soul seeks. The freedom in the flow Makes my heart skip a beat. We meet here together, Eternally as one. I look down into the water Just like the radiant sun. The reflection I see is definitely not me, Which reminds me to be Still. Always grateful, Alisha xoxo

My Sacred Journey: Part II

I sat in front of the shamans as breakfast was being served to tell them about my great experience with the black bear only an hour before. As the words began to come out of my mouth I realized that I was being honored by Mother Nature through this once in a lifetime experience. In traditional India, one places a hand on top of the foot of another to show great honor and respect. This is exactly what the majestic black bear did - honored my existence and showed me respect by placing her paw on top of my left foot. Granted, in the moment, I was terrified of the power and strength of this wild animal but, like most lessons in life, I saw through the fear towards the light after the fact. As t

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