Cruise Out Of Control: Part I

Now you know what I look like after I have been up for 36-hours traveling through the night across the country (see image above). So let me explain to you my current situation. I am wanted by the Jamaican immigration authorities for currently being an illegal immigrant in their country. How did this happen? Well, lets go back to about a week ago. My boyfriend (let’s call him Mr. X even though his identity is evident) and I decided to escape the States for a seven day cruise around the Caribbean to connect with ourselves. We had been looking forward to this trip (especially the beautiful views and adventure of the high seas) for a while and were exhausted by the time we entered the great ship

A Time To Reflect

I curled up on the floor after savasana into a fetal position and whispered to myself, “Alisha, I miss you.” This was the point where I realized that I had been giving too much to others and I desperately needed a break. I needed to say no. I needed to say no to everyone. And this is exactly what I did. I cleared my schedule for the day and declared it to be a day of self-love in order to empower my beautiful Soul and allow me to continue down the path that has chosen me. Every one of us is someone’s healer. Me? I am an exception since I am a healer to most. You, my dear, may be an exception too. Healer is a title that took me many lives to earn and often declassifies me as a normal human be

Intimate Energy is Sacred

“His intentions are good,” said my friend as we sat down to speak about her current relationship and the issues that are bubbling up. Her boyfriend can easily be described as the “nice guy” who doesn’t think twice when it comes to giving a helping hand. And while his intentions are pure, one needs to ask what it is that he is really sharing with these women who seem to constantly be in a state of distress? Well, it’s energy. The exchange of energy between and among people is a beautiful aspect of living in this world. Yet this aspect in an intimate relationship seems to be lost more often than not due to the lack of understanding that the exchange of energy in these situations is unique. The

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