My Secret Battle With Depression

I have suffered tremendously in this lifetime with a slew of battles within myself. My battles have ranged from drug and alcohol abuse, an eating disorder, an abusive relationship, experiencing emotional abandonment after the death of my sibling, etc. I have openly shared my experience and lessons learned from each of these situations because I truly believe that I am here to show others that they aren’t alone. However, there is something that I haven’t been transparent about because, for me, it seems to be an issue that I have yet to completely resolve. Over the last week I have (once again) suffered from my lifelong battle with depression after having no signs of this unfortunate disorder

You Are The Greatest Healer Of Your Life

People are brought into your life for a reason. The reason (or reasons) may not always be evident in the beginning. But I promise you that at some point in your life you will have a clearer understanding as to why. Before I proceed, however, let me tell you something important; you are a healer. We are all healers. And we also all need healing. We are each brought into one another’s lives to learn, heal and grow. However, when does one decide to walk away from those that don’t allow us to be a guiding light of healing energy for them? This is a question with which a lot of people who are aware of their healing ability and purpose in life struggles. But I finally figured out the answer to thi

Love Is Always In The Air

The most beautiful realization one can come to is the fact that we are all connected on a level that many of us do not understand yet experience everyday. Let me tell you about a magical moment I experienced about community, love and wanting the best for a complete stranger. I went back to Detroit to visit my family over the weekend. On the way from the airport to my family’s home, I swung by a little vintage style restaurant. I ordered a veggie burger and french fries, my normal go-to when traveling. As I sat there waiting for my food to be served, I began to observe the staff hustling behind the counter. The staff members at this particular location are very young (I’d say around an averag

Be Happy You Are Sensitive

Out of all of the people in the world, I tend to gravitate towards those that are labeled “sensitive.” Outwardly sensitive people, in my opinion, tend to embrace each and every experience with a compassionate heart and an understanding mind. I feel that most people (yes, you included) are sensitive creatures, but due to previous circumstances have built up walls of protection in order to emotionally survive. This internal blockage has the possibility to greatly affect one’s outlook on life and can determine the path in which one chooses to walk. At one point in my life, my entire outlook shifted because I am a sensitive person. While I have never not been a sensitive person, I didn’t realize

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